Imagine a Pre-K program where young children hike trails, climb trees, design skyscrapers, paint masterpieces or play in a band—and spend the day immersed in a nurturing, language-rich learning environment. Maple Street School’s Pre-K program, by design, allows your child to explore, play, imagine, create, and experience the joys of childhood while developing their foundational knowledge and learning how to become respectful and caring classmates and friends. Enrollment is capped at 15 children. 


Our program is located on the beautiful 55-acre campus of Southern Vermont Arts Center. For some children, this will be their first experience with structured days away from home. Others may have attended daycare or preschool elsewhere. Regardless of background, our warm and welcoming environment provides flexibility, structure, and individual attention to help children make the transition.


To learn more and apply, please visit our Admissions page.


Pre-K Teacher: Beth Brennan

Pre-K Teacher: Lisa Pergament

Primary Classroom Aide: Siobhan Murphy