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The wide variety of musical experiences at Maple Street make for exciting, diverse performances! Each student participates in both a Winter and Spring concert.


Music Teacher Stephanie Paul

Singing, acting, dancing and playing instruments are all essential in the musical education of students in Kindergarten, First, and Second grades. In these early years, students grow in their knowledge of basic musical concepts (like pitch and rhythm) while also learning about personal expression and movement. Students are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles from around the world, and are given many opportunities to learn about composers and musicians throughout history (from Bach to the Bernstein, etc.). With classroom instruments such as Xylophones, boom-whackers and djembes, K-2 students are consistently given hands-on experiences for developing music literacy at a young age.

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3rd and 4th
Students in 3rd and 4th grade study a variety of vocal pieces throughout the year, and learn how to sing partner songs, rounds and canons. An strong emphasis is made starting in 3rd grade on singing in solfege.

In the third grade, students at Maple Street focus on learning to play the soprano recorder. A student favorite, the “Recorder Karate” curriculum, is used, as well as a variety of other resources. Students also use their growing note-reading skills and recorder abilities for Orff ensemble work later in the year. 

As students begin fourth grade, band instruments are introduced. Each student chooses an instrument to study for the full school year. Lessons occur in a group format during music class time. 

5th-8th Grades
Upper School music classes are comprised of a balanced approach to vocal and instrumental music. Building upon the foundational concepts from K-4 music, students are given new and fun challenges in their journey toward music literacy. A wide variety of instrumental experiences are given, including semester-long studies of West African drum and dance, Ukulele, hand bells, and xylophone. Students are instructed in proper singing techniques, ranges, and solfege singing. Different forms and styles of vocal music are approached throughout the year.

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Electives: Band and Chorus


Band and Chorus are offered once a week during the school day for 5th– 8th graders. Band students also receive 30 minute group lessons during the school day once a week. Students in these groups have the opportunity to participate in District Festival as well.

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