Why Choose Maple Street?

What does it look like to be part of a joyful academic community? You can see it when our students look comfortable in their classrooms and interested in their work. You can see it when they come in to the building with a smile, or hurry back in from recess. 


We aim to challenge our students and also engage them. Our eighth grade history students read about the history of the constitution—and they also perform it, present on it, visit it, and live it. Our fifth graders read about the life cycle of trout, at the same time they are raising trout in the classroom. Our exceptional faculty teach rigorous, exciting curricula that involve students in their academics. Students thrive here when they are eager to learn, willing to give their own personal best effort, and ready to be a positive member of their community.


That focus on community permeates the culture at Maple Street. Kids here are known as individuals, and their community welcomes them to be themselves. In this environment, students are not afraid to ask for help and to take accountability for their learning. Many of our graduates go on to assume leadership roles on campus or in life, exactly because they are used to engaging in their learning and in their communities.