Head of School’s Welcome

A Note from Mr. Skoglund


Head of School Dan Skoglund

Maple Street School was founded in 1998 by parents who envisioned an outstanding foundational education for their children. Parents and educators joined together to design a program that honors children as individuals filled with potential. With its intentionally small size, Maple Street has the capacity to discern each student’s strengths, interests, and areas for development, and ultimately to cultivate each student’s growth. Children are respected as scholars, artists, athletes, musicians, writers, scientists, community members, and most importantly, as curious learners. The Maple Street School faculty nurture each child’s curiosity and innate devotion to learning through a rich, cross-disciplinary, hands-on curriculum that spans classes, outdoor spaces, and departments. 


As a parent and an educator, I was drawn to Maple Street’s exceptional balance of educational excellence and joyful learning, as reflected in our mission statement:


Maple Street School is a joyful academic community that cultivates personal and social responsibility. We nurture intellectual and creative growth through an engaging curriculum. Our culture of respect inspires confident learners.


As an independent school with a proud public purpose, we take our responsibility for fostering respect among our community members very seriously. We celebrate diversity and welcome different perspectives. By cultivating curiosity, celebrating learning and creativity, and developing lifelong constructive habits of mind, Maple Street lives up to the dreams of our founders. Please come and visit us; our dream for children just may align closely with yours.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site; I hope you find it helpful and welcoming. If you have further questions or would like to learn more about Maple Street, please be in touch; you are welcome to email me or Director of Advancement and Enrollment Julie Mackey.


Dan Skoglund

Head of School