Grade 2

Welcome to second grade!  This is an important year for academic, social, and emotional growth.  Second graders spend their days strengthening and expanding foundational skills in the core subjects of reading, writing, and math.  Thematic units in social studies and science connect cross-curricularly to introduce students to new cultures and the natural world around them.  While every day in second grade is filled with new, fun learning, some highlights of our year include:

  • researching and writing insect reports

  • learning about Native Americans

  • participating in The Global Read Aloud

  • building marble rolls

  • reading and writing poetry

Second grade is a supportive and positive learning environment.  Students feel comfortable making and learning from mistakes while taking risks and trying new things.  Second graders develop problem solving skills through collaborative projects and partner activities.  They learn how to be “bucket fillers” and are always practicing how to be the best versions of themselves.


Second Grade Teacher: Allison Stewart