The Learning Center

The Learning Center at Maple Street School is dedicated to supporting the academic, social/emotional, language, and sensory needs of all our students while regularly collaborating with classroom teachers. The Learning Center services students in grades K-8 through inclusive, equitable, and evidence-based practices.


The Learning Center team is composed of a licensed special education teacher, a licensed school guidance counselor, and academic support teachers. Academic and guidance support through The Learning Center is available at no additional cost to families. Maple Street School partners with two outside related service providers, a licensed occupational therapist and speech and language pathologist, who provide services for eligible students through the BRSU or through a separate private pay contract with families. Additionally, the most popular and beloved member of The Learning Center team and school community is Jax, our licensed Therapy Dog. Maple Street School is licensed and approved through the Vermont Agency of Education in Special Education.


The Learning Center offers the following services depending on the needs of students:

  • General education support for all students and classes in grades K-8

  • Whole group, small group, and 1:1 support within the classroom for students on learning plans

  • Individualized intervention in a 1:1 setting or small group outside of the classroom, for students on learning plans

  • Implementation of Educational Support Team Plans (EST Plans)

  • Implementation of 504 Plans and Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for eligible students

  • Collaboration and consultation with our local school district and LEA (local education agency).

  • Formal Special Education Evaluations and 504 Evaluations at no additional cost to families


Director of the Learning Center: Kelli Calder

Learning Center Specialist: Linda Cowperthwaite

Learning Center Specialist: Kelsey Kinsella

School Guidance Counselor: Tracy Duddy